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How to Find the Best Online Antivirus

Antivirus software is able to protect you against the most diverse of threats including viruses, Trojans and worms. It also protects against spyware, rootkits and the phishing. It is recommended to choose a program that includes security features like a password manager and virtual private network (VPN). A VPN secures your online activities to ensure that they are not tracked or accessed. Some VPNs also provide live chat or phone support, and other have knowledge bases online to assist you in solving your problems.

The most effective antivirus is compatible with your operating system and won’t take up too much space. Certain applications that consume excessive memory or CPU power could cause a slowdown or even crash your system. Choose a program that is updated with virus definitions regularly. This will help keep your device protected from latest threats.

Many of the most well-known anti-virus programs have been around for years. McAfee is an old-timer available in the market and is with many laptops. Its free Norton Power Eraser tool is an excellent alternative to online scanners, however it doesn’t have threat removal tools or real-time security like that provided by its premium suite, Norton 360.

Kaspersky is another name that’s well-known and the products of Kaspersky are sold at many major retailers. The Russian-owned firm has been accused of sharing information with the government and for refusing condemn the Russian military’s actions in Ukraine. Therefore, Cybernews doesn’t endorse any of its products.

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