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So it deed, on multiple licenses annexed to help you or supported on it, is set out in detail

So it deed, on multiple licenses annexed to help you or supported on it, is set out in detail

fifteenth. You to definitely to your 18 October, 1775, Tabac and you will certain other Indians, the becoming chiefs of your own Piankeshaws and you will jointly symbolizing, pretending to own, and you may properly signed up because of the that country in the way stated significantly more than, did, by their deed poll, duly executed and you will results big date at the time last-mentioned during the this new article out-of Vincennes, or even named article St. Vincent, up coming are an united kingdom military article, and at a general public council around held from the them for and you can on the behalf of new Piankeshaw Indians, which have Louis Viviat, of your own Illinois nation, pretending to possess himself and also for the Correct Respectable John, Earl out-of Dunmore, next Governor from Virginia, the brand new Respectable John Murray, son of the said Earl, Moses Franks and you can Jacob Franks, away from London area, in the uk, Thomas Johnson, Jr., and you will John Davidson, each of Annapolis, during the Russel, Matthew Ridley, Robert Christie, Sr., and you will Robert Christie, Jr., away from Baltimore Town, in the same state, Peter Compbell, off Piscataway in identical state, William Geddes, regarding Newtown Chester in identical province, enthusiast from his Majesty’s tradition, David Franks and you will Moses Franks, all of Philadelphia for the Pennsylvania, William Murray and Daniel Murray, of your Illinois country, Nicholas St. age place, Francis Perthuis, late from Quebec, within the Canada, but then out of blog post St.

And you will birth for the most other tract on mouth regarding White Lake where it drainage into the Ouabache, regarding the twelve leagues below post St

show toward said Louis Viviat while the most other people past said, the heirs and you may assigns, similarly to get split, or even to George III, up coming King of great Britain and you can Ireland, his heirs and you can successors, on the have fun with, work with, and you will Beard dating review behoof of all the previously mentioned grantees, the heirs and you may assigns, inside severalty, because of the any type of of these tenures they could really legally hold, all those several numerous tracts out-of end in the brand new deed like discussed situate, sleeping,

Vincent, and an effective and you may worthwhile planning, regarding deed poll said and you will enumerated, grant, deal, sell, alien, enfeoff, launch, ratify, and you may

being northwest of one’s Ohio, eastern of one’s Mississippi, and you may west of the good Miami, in the constraints out-of Virginia and on both sides of your Ouabache, if not known as Wabash, and that several tracts out of belongings was consisted of respectively in adopting the metes and you can bounds, courses and you can ranges, in other words, delivery for example of told you tracts during the throat out of a rivulet titled Riviere du Chat, otherwise Pet Lake, where they drains alone to the Ouabache or Wabash, from the its multiple programmes, in order to a place entitled Section Coupee, on a dozen leagues more than blog post St. Vincent, being 40 leagues, otherwise thereabouts, in total, on the said river Ouabache, on place of delivery, with forty leagues in width otherwise breadth into the eastern front side, and thirty leagues into the depth or thickness towards western side of these lake, are continued with each other on the place of begin to Section Coupee. Vincent, and you can running thence along the Ouabache from the their several programmes up to they drainage towards the Kansas, being out of White Lake on the Kansas, from the fifty-about three leagues in length, almost, with 40

leagues in width otherwise breadth towards east top and 30 in width or breadth into the west section of the Ouabache, becoming continued with each other on Light Lake to your Kansas, together with the liberties, liberties, privileges, hereditaments, and you will appurtenances on told you tract that belong, for and to keep to your grantees, the heirs and you may assigns, forever for the severalty or perhaps to the brand new King, their heirs and you may successors, into have fun with, work for, and you may behoof of grantees, the heirs and you will assigns, due to the fact usually significantly more totally arrive of the action itself, properly conducted according to the hand and you can seals of your own grantors, and you can duly recorded at Kaskaskias, with the 5 December, 1775, working off Louis Bomer, a good notary social, properly designated and registered.

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